Local Business Initiative

Every business is contributing to their local neighbourhood with the specific professional service it offers. However, what is the social impact that company makes?


How many companies dedicate time to improve quality of life in their local community? How many community projects do local businesses work on? And I mean literally work on, not just sponsor and use it for marketing purpose. I am talking about actual help, rolling up your sleeves and getting done what needs to be done, even if it gets your hands dirty! 

I have decided to launch Local Business Initiative [LBI], a social movement where local businesses regularly dedicate time for community projects, making a real difference in their neighbourhood, thus improving quality of living for everyone in the community.

I encourage you to complete the form below and propose community projects that need a helping hand. I also ask you to share this page with family and friends so that I can hear about all the fantastic community projects that need help from their local businesses. 

Let us all come together and better the community that we and our children live in!

Kind regards,

Mirko ^_^


Thanks for your message - I will be in touch with you shortly!