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Getting Insurance means Protecting Your Future!

I look forward to helping you and your business with best Insurance solutions, customised to your specific needs.


Book a time - on the PHONE, in an ONLINE MEETING or in PERSON - to discuss options to best secure your future.

Best Protection guaranteed

Personal Insurance Plan

The Protection You Need

Having the right [personalised] cover at the right price will guarantee that you and your family are financially protected and you can enjoy life to the fullest.
When was the last time you spoke to someone about your Insurance? Did you feel respect and 
care in the way you were spoken to? Do you have one particular person to help you with all you Insurance questions? 
Relationships are important with Insurance time is important when you have a claim as you want to be looked after, go for treatment, focus on your recovery and get back to enjoying life. The last thing you want is extensive paperwork, numerous discussions and wait to get your Insurance to pay. Insurance is only worth it if you have it at the time of need! 
Choose me to be your Insurance Specialist, looking after all of your family's Insurance and you only have one person to call at the time of a claim - this gives you comfort, speeds up your claim and I'll keep you informed all along the way. 
I look forward to protecting you and your family!

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Open For Business

Business Insurance

Making sure that your business will stay open

Running a Business comes with great challenges. As the business owner, you are responsible if something goes wrong. In order to reduce your risk and to make sure that you and your family will not have to suffer from financial claims against your business, Business Insurance is a Must-Have for you - at least Liability Insurance, which pays for accidental damage caused by your company [and your employees] to someone else's property! Public Liability Insurance has become a door opener for certain trades, where without this Insurance no contracts are signed. 
Yes, it is an expense to your business and yes, you can most likely think of many other ways to spend that money; BUT: (1) Liability Insurance is cheaper than you think, (2) It will save you, your business and your family's future if something goes wrong, and (3) It qualifies you for jobs or even puts you in a situation of competitive advantage. 
Let me help you get the best Business Insurance suited to your specific needs and requirements.

Employee Benefits

Together is better

Provide your employees with a Benefit package that helps them and their families if something goes wrong. At the same time, it also helps you as the employer as your employees will have immediate access to private specialist care, thus recovering and returning to work faster.
Providing Group Insurance to your employees raises greatly your profile as an employer - you show that you care about your staff and your employees are very likely to work for you for longer, thus reducing your cost for training and low productivity periods.
All of this for as little as 1% of your employees' annual income. So ask yourself: Would a pay rise really be better for your employees? 
Schedule a time with me today to discuss an impact that you can make in your employees' lives at a fraction of the cost of a pay rise.

Employee Benefit package can include any or all of the following: Medical Insurance, Income Protection, Life Insurance, Trauma cover, Disability cover, KiwiSaver

Team work
A Bit About Me

My name is Mirko Poetzscher, I am German, was raised in East Germany and have made New Zealand my home since first arriving here in 2009. I am happily married and enjoy the peace and natural beauty this country has to offer. 


I am a well-travelled, multi-lingual Risk Protection Specialist who has been working in the Insurance industry since 2012.

I have accumulated a broad knowledge and together with my passion to create and foster strong relationships with clients, I will guarantee that you have the right Insurance cover for your personal circumstances. 

The ultimate goal is: 

You enjoy your life to the fullest while knowing that you are financially protected if life throws a curve-ball at you!


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MY SERVICES - I can assist with:

LIFE INSURANCE - Cover against death and terminal illness.

TRAUMA INSURANCE - If you suffer a major specified medical illness.

DISABILITY INSURANCE - Totally & permanently disabled due to sickness or injury.

INCOME PROTECTION - If you cannot work due to medical illness or injury.

MEDICAL INSURANCE - Skip the waiting list and get best care immediately.

KIWISAVER - Your Retirement Savings plan + get free money [criteria apply].

HOUSE INSURANCE - Repair or Rebuild your House will be rebuild if disaster happens.

LANDLORD INSURANCE - Protect your investment with Landlord Insurance.

CONTENTS INSURANCE - Make sure your belongings are insured even when you take them places.

CAR INSURANCE - Get Insurance for your "Big Boys Toys".

GROUP INSURANCE - Employment benefit package for employees.

BUSINESS INSURANCE - Protection against Liability claims, Car Insurance, etc.

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